Storage Rates

0.5 – 1 CUBIC METER $20 per month
0.5 – 3 CUBIC METERS $60 per month
3 – 5 CUBIC METERS $80 per month
5 – 8 CUBIC METERS $100 per month
8 – 12 CUBIC METERS $150 per month




We can offer discounted storage at unbeatable prices. This is a secured storage, not a self-storage.

The main difference between self-storage and secured storage is the storing method. With self-storage the customer is in charge of the storage lock-up. This means you have unrestricted access to your stored items and you control the lock to the unit.

With our secured storage, we are the key holders. Our Staff can only have access to our facility and as such, you have a limited access.This may not suit the majority of people, however if you are travelling overseas for a while or have little need for your stored items, then this can be a better solution for you.

Prices are low since you only pay for the space that you use and we are confident we can beat any storage quote you may have received.

Also you need to use our removal services to store your items. This condition applies when bringing your items in and taking your items out of storage.


UTE Moves Can Offer

  • Unbeatable prices
  • Convenient location – Alexandra based facility
  • Secured storage
  • Catered for small amount of furniture; from one box to one bedroom house/unit